GEM FURNITURE LIMITED started producing OEM products combining solid wood with stainless steel for Europe market.
GEM FURNITURE LIMITED purchased a small-sized solid wood factory in North China and produce OEM’s complete solid wood products. At the same time, we started our design of “Lenox” style furniture.
The new solid wood factory (Hailin BONO Furniture Limited) around 100,000m2 was constructed; at the end of the same year, the new factory started running; The “lenox” series was further improved and diversified.
Hailin BONO Furniture Limited keep on growing; “Lenox” series displayed in March Guangzhou International Furniture Fair and September Shanghai International Furniture Fair, which accumulated great recognition and win the marketing!
We will display “Lenox” in 2009 Shanghai International Furniture Fair on 9th – 12th September.
As you know, The factory in North and South of China have different priority, especially on the filed of furniture. That’s the reason why “Lenox” is so competitive on the marketing for its’ unique combination (solid wood from our north factory and stainless steel or steel from our south factory). “Lenox”is rich in modern design style and ear sensation, which is a growing tendency today and the furture in global market.


Lenox Marketing

Almost 70% of “Lenox” products were exported to Europe, and 30% to other region of the world, including Austrilia, American Area, Japan, etc.


Product Range

Mostly “Lenox” are concentrated on living room furniture, such as Dining Table, Buffet, Side Board, Wine Bar, Entertainment Unit, Coffee Table,etc. Absolutely OEM is next our important business. The strong ability on developing will help your design comes to true, and the most important is: achieve the marketing price!


Production Line

Factory 1(Hailin Bono Furniture Limited)
Factory Aerial View
Raw Material Warehouse
Kiln Drying
Raw Material in Warehouse
Raw Material Cutting
Pre-selection of Componets
Edge-glued Process & Bonding
Beld Sanding
Products Assembling
Factory 2 (Zhongshan )
***   Steel line like cutting, curving, welding, polishing, mirror polishing, etc. (Remark: chrome need to process outside)
***   MDF line like cutting, curving, bonded, etc.
***   Upholstery line like cutting, sewing, foam sculpt; material with PVC,PU, leather, recycle leather, fabric, etc.
***   Surface treatment with powder coating and PU painting.
Factory 3 (Zhongshan )
***  Glass treatment like cutting, polishing, edge polishing, chemical frosted, curving glass,  color glass, chrome glass, etc.



All the solid wood import from Russia, and local Birch. Which make your products in high good level, and suitable for different price requirement from your customer;
For stainless steel part, normally we use 304# and 203# standard stainless steel, according to the customer requirement on target price.



GEM had achieved the ISO9001 and environment-friendly in 2001.
High technology craftsmanship, first-glass equipment, advanced management system, precise QC team are always the sources of our quality guarantee.
Factory Address:Hailin Bono Solid Wood Furniture Limited (Hailin), New Industry Developing Area, Hailin, Heilongjiang Province, China


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